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Newborn Sundress

I’ve been playing around and designing some new items for baby. My new favorite thing is this adorable little sundress I made for newborn girls. What do you think? Would you want your baby to wear this?



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Personal Update: Nashville Bound

So you may be wondering why you haven’t heard much from me lately. Let me tell ya, Winter was rough! I was really sick off and on for about four months! Now that I’m healthy again, I thought it high time I update you on some personal stuff. I went home to Nashville over Christmas and upon returning to Albuquerque, the boyfriend decided he wanted to move there and began researching the job market. Say what?! I’ve been away for about seven years, so the thought of moving back is kind of weird, but exciting all the same. We talked about it, and I thought we’d be moving in the Fall, so about another year in Albuquerque. Fate had other plans. A friend of mine (In Nashville) shared a link on facebook for her husband who is a roofing contractor. This is the same thing my boyfriend does. I checked out the website and saw that it was a company that suited him perfectly. I messaged my friend, she talked to her husband, he talked to my boyfriend, and before you knew it, he had a job and they wanted us to move there THE NEXT DAY! Well, I had to put in a two week’s notice at work, but we ended up getting rid of most of our stuff, packing up his truck and high tailing it to Nashville on March 1st! Everything happened so quickly and so perfectly, that I’m still amazed that I’m even here. Am I really in Nashville? REALLY? I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not on vacation and I’m here to stay.

Loaded Truck

Open Sky. Loaded Truck.

The boyfriend started his new job (which he loves, by the way) and we’ve been apartment hunting. For the time being we’re staying with my family, but it’ll be nice to settle in to my new space so I can set up my art studio and get to crafting again. My craft supplies are packed neatly away in my parents’ shed buried beneath a mountain of boxes, so they’re not exactly easy to access. I did manage to scrounge a crochet hook and bought some yarn to work on a baby blanket, though. 🙂 I also found an apartment I love and am hoping to be able to move soon, so when I get settled in, I’ll post photos of my new space. For the time being, I’ll leave you with this photo my boyfriend took on the river. This, my friends, is where I grew up. I spent many a Summer swimming in this river, fishing, and hanging out on the dock.

Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home.

Tiny Hippo

Tiny Hippo Says “Hello”.

Air Plant Pods Sneak Peak

These little cuties are waiting patiently to be added to my shop!

air plant pod